At current energy prices, the energy costs for a small freezer (1-4 people) are around forty francs per year. If a chest freezer is not only used to store finished products, this investment can be worthwhile in many ways over the course of a year.

For example, a person can save up to six thousand francs per year on food without constantly consuming finished products. With just a little know-how, a healthier lifestyle – without having to forego enjoyment – is possible. If you’re well organized, you don’t lose valuable time when cooking in advance and, if necessary, a ready-made salad or quick meal is no sin.

With fewer finished products and highly processed food, your health is not only strengthened and performance is increased accordingly. You can save much more, on average around three thousand francs per year. If used consistently, even up to six thousand francs.


  • Continuous consumption of highly processed quick meals costs up to six thousand francs per person per year.
  • With moderate consumption of sugary treats, you can quickly save up to three thousand francs for travel, further training, etc. be saved.
  • With consistency and practice, pre-cooking is fun and ultimately saves time, is versatile and reduces costs. Personally addressing nutritional issues promotes a health-oriented lifestyle.

“Beer and wine, leave it alone” – not that easy!

Similar to excessive media consumption, stimulants can lead to addiction. Gradually or even quickly (see the post “Become a non-smoker” below).

Resist temptations

  • Define the “why”. Set smaller and larger goals. Ten kilos less weight and you gain significantly more energy for exciting areas of life.
  • Conscious and strategic mindfulness: less is more! You can enjoy everything that is not everyday and obvious. Being able to say “no” and doing what helps and is good for you is a skill that can also be used in other areas of life.
  • Do not store beer, wine or finished products permanently at home. Only buy for occasions and meetings with friends and even then “less is more”.
  • Cardio training daily, HIIT (high intensity interval training) frequently, some strength training increases cognitive abilities. Keyword growth hormone BDNF. Basically self-explanatory: you have more willpower and self-control – a significant relief in everyday life.
  • Additional fasting can even increase the effects described. The body can regenerate even more efficiently. The skin’s appearance improves (even if you consume sweets every now and then) and you learn a lot about fluid intake.

Stirnrunzler has already successfully implemented the tips and advice listed above and achieved his personal desired weight in a timely manner.

Every day counts!

After just a few months the world looks different and Stirnrunzler’s budget for future posts increases slightly or at best significantly.

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